Paying their respects to their late great grandparents

This morning my relatives went to a temple located in Kembangan to pray to my late grandparents whom I dearly miss. I didn’t join them as it was too early and the kiddies would have to dragged out of bed, after which Nyx would have to go to school and visit the dentist to get a cavity filled.

I therefore made a trip there myself along with the two Ns after picking Nyx up from school. Thank goodness I didn’t lose my way there since the last time I drove to the temple was almost 3 years ago. We brought some offerings along with us and stayed on till it was time to head to the dentist.

I am so proud of Nyx as she bravely sat through the entire filling process at the dentist’s, including the drilling and suction. She didn’t flinch or struggle as I told her that we would go blow some bubbles together after she was done with the filling. She did look a little scared though…..

I asked the dentist why he used silver filling for her and he told me that it lasts longer than the aesthetic enamel coloured ones and would be better for her, lasting till her permanent teeth erupt.

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