Paying their respects to their late great grandparents

This morning my relatives went to a temple located in Kembangan to pray to my late grandparents whom I dearly miss. I didn’t join them as it was too early and the kiddies would have to dragged out of bed, after which Nyx would have to go to school and visit the dentist to get a cavity filled.

I therefore made a trip there myself along with the two Ns after picking Nyx up from school. Thank goodness I didn’t lose my way there since the last time I drove to the temple was almost 3 years ago. We brought some offerings along with us and stayed on till it was time to head to the dentist.

I am so proud of Nyx as she bravely sat through the entire filling process at the dentist’s, including the drilling and suction. She didn’t flinch or struggle as I told her that we would go blow some bubbles together after she was done with the filling. She did look a little scared though…..

I asked the dentist why he used silver filling for her and he told me that it lasts longer than the aesthetic enamel coloured ones and would be better for her, lasting till her permanent teeth erupt.

Adjusting to life in Singapore

Wow, its been exactly 3 weeks since I last posted to my blog and it feels like eons……

So much has happened during the two weeks that we’ve been back to the sunny island and the more significant happenings would include Nyx attending pre nursery classes at Kinderland, Chinese language and computer classes as well. Nya is also now able to stand on her own without support and walks pretty quickly while using one hand to hold onto another adult’s hand.

We’ve been busy spending time with friends and family whom we’ve missed immensely during our time in France and the girls are definitely enjoying all the attention and affection as well as the food! My girls sure do enjoy the local cuisine and have been busy enjoying outdoor activities despite the heat and humidity.

I’ve been uploading pictures onto my facebook account but not here as it takes forever to upload photos to my blog. Nevertheless, here are some pictures to show what we’ve been up to for the past 2 weeks……

I’d also like to give a shout out to friends back in France. You’re dearly missed by my two Ns and I! Big hugs!

Cognac with the relatives

The weather was just amazing during our visit here. The last time we were here we took a tour of Hennessy but this time we didn’t as we couldn’t make it in time. We visited Remy Martin, Martell as well as Hennessy and bought quite alot of souvenirs (alcoholic and non alcoholic) along the way. My uncles tasted a few glasses of Paradis from Hennessy for 19 euros a glass and I must say, its got to be the strongest alcoholic drink I’ve ever tasted in my life!

Bordeaux with the relatives

It so happened that while we were here there was a fair right next to a huge fountain which I’ve always wanted to visit and never did, till now. We made a trip to 2 churches here and had lunch at La Chapin Fin. I am so glad we made a reservation to this fine restaurant as the food and service was amazing. We’ve tried coming here for lunch before but its always fully booked…… We also did some shopping along Rue St. Catherine, also known as the “orchard road” of Bordeaux.

St Emillion tours and lunch with the relatives

We made it to the vineyards of St Emillion really early to meet the owner of Chateau Laniote for a tour of his winery and to do some wine tasting. My relatives bought so much wine from the guy that he gave freebies like DVDs and souveniers. They bought over a thousand euros worth of wine to be shipped back to Singapore. I think it really made the owner very happy……

After the visit to the chateau, we joined a tour to see the monolithic underground church. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the church and its catacombs so we could only snap shots of its exterior.

Following the tour, we took a stroll along the narrow streets of the village center and then had lunch at a fancy french restaurant recommended by the chateau owner called Le Clos Du Roy where we ordered a large platter of foire gras to share on top of our individual menus, tried fried pigs feet, grilled meats and a variety of desserts including canalle, macarons with cream and fresh made ice cream.

Our 3rd trip to Barcelona

This is the 3rd time Nyx is visiting Barcelona and Nya’s 1st. And everytime we come here we have a ball of a time, enjoying ourselves thoroughly with the sights, smells and sounds.
On this trip our stops within the city included La Rambla, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and the museum within it, as well as La Roca village – A large shopping outlet on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The relatives have arrived!

The very day my aunts and uncles arrived we took them for lunch at a seafood restaurant (Les pavois) just a stone’s throw away from my house. Its actually loacated right at the oyster farm and serves awesome seafood and magret de canard.

After a satisfying lunch we headed to Dune du Pyla to see the gigantic sand dune and enjoy the lovely sunny weather. Nyx hitched a ride from my uncle to the top of the sand dune and once she reach the peak she shouted “we did it!” and started throwing sand as if it were snow.
For dinner we went to Cafe Diego in Arcachon for yet another round of yummy seafood.