Spelling time!

Recently I have been teaching Nyx to recognize various words on the flashcards I made for her and she’s become pretty adept at reading the words I show her. So two days ago I started getting her to spell some of the words she’s familiar with. Here’s a video of her having a typical short spelling lesson.

Several other words she’s able to spell include: eggs, ice-cream, cow, cloud, rat, money, sheep, goat, nose, head, eye and balloon.

I think she had an extra hard time during this session because she was being “attacked” by Nya in her UFO walker. Ever so often we get our toes run over and it really hurts big time! Can’t wait for her to graduate from the walker……

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2 thoughts on “Spelling time!”

  1. wow really cannot tahan how can the stupid lazy pilot sitting there and not helping u teach the girls!!!! wat a stupid idiot pilot poor dawn u are such a great mother !!!! 加油

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