Monkey see, monkey do. Presenting Nyx spOon and Nya spOon)

I can see that Nya looks up to Nyx as a role model. I see this fact being proven true more and more each day. First it was the keen interest in their toes, then it was drinking milk till they appear drunk, later on Nya started pointing at everything like Nyx used to. And now, Nya has picked up the habit of holding on to a spoon for whatever reason I’m not sure. With Nyx I believe that she’s holding onto it for the same reason other kids have, clinging on to a security blanket or a pacifier. Initially Nyx had pacifiers too, then after I weaned her off it, she started looking for things to hold. And this particular item will follow her everywhere, even to bed! It used to be pens, and now its a spoon.

But for Nya, she still has access to pacifiers, so I believe the only reason why she’s clinging onto spoons is due to her sister’s influence. No they do not eat their meals with these spoons that they hold onto, I have to use seperate spoons for that purpose.

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