Sun’s out!

A windy and sunny afternoon, perfect for bubble blowing and riding the bike

I’m pulling her shirt down cos the wind blew it up and you can see her tumtum

Nya so happy sitting on the springy bike

Asking me if she should climb the spiderweb?

Yeeeee Haw! Look! No Spoon!

Oh yes! Its time to frolick in the warm sunshine before it starts raining and turning cold again next week. Here are some pictures the kiddies and I took at a nearby playground and our back porch.

Monkey see, monkey do. Presenting Nyx spOon and Nya spOon)

I can see that Nya looks up to Nyx as a role model. I see this fact being proven true more and more each day. First it was the keen interest in their toes, then it was drinking milk till they appear drunk, later on Nya started pointing at everything like Nyx used to. And now, Nya has picked up the habit of holding on to a spoon for whatever reason I’m not sure. With Nyx I believe that she’s holding onto it for the same reason other kids have, clinging on to a security blanket or a pacifier. Initially Nyx had pacifiers too, then after I weaned her off it, she started looking for things to hold. And this particular item will follow her everywhere, even to bed! It used to be pens, and now its a spoon.

But for Nya, she still has access to pacifiers, so I believe the only reason why she’s clinging onto spoons is due to her sister’s influence. No they do not eat their meals with these spoons that they hold onto, I have to use seperate spoons for that purpose.

Picnic at Kids Parc

Nya holding a spoon while taking a ride in the boat and trying to do the “V”

Nya striking a pose while not holding the spoon

Nya holding a spoon and riding in the boat with Gina

Nyx and Matthew in the ball-pen

The bouncy castle that entertained Nyx for a long while

Caterpillar roller coaster

Giant bouncy castle

Nyx holding a spoon and riding on the seahorse

Nyx holding a spoon and riding the boat
Nya holding a spoon and riding in the boat
Nyx holding a spoon about to board the boat
Nya holding a spoon and riding the seahorse

Nyx holding a spoon and fishing for ducks

the birthday cheesecake made by Clari

This afternoon we visited the Kids Parc next to La Coccinelle (the petting zoo) along with several of our friends. The weather was just super! Bright and sunny with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees. I was so afraid that Nya would be cranky as she, Nyx and I had just had our jabs (vaccination against chickenpox) before this outing. Thank goodness she was in a good mood so I didn’t feel as stressed. Our main purpose for this outing was to celebrate the birthdays of Karen (24th april) and Nya (today! 22nd april). Clari made the beautiful cheese cake and the rest of us brought sandwiches, macaroni soup, sushi, konyaku jelly, chicken drumlets and chips. Here are the pictures I took from this outing.

Spelling time!

Recently I have been teaching Nyx to recognize various words on the flashcards I made for her and she’s become pretty adept at reading the words I show her. So two days ago I started getting her to spell some of the words she’s familiar with. Here’s a video of her having a typical short spelling lesson.

Several other words she’s able to spell include: eggs, ice-cream, cow, cloud, rat, money, sheep, goat, nose, head, eye and balloon.

I think she had an extra hard time during this session because she was being “attacked” by Nya in her UFO walker. Ever so often we get our toes run over and it really hurts big time! Can’t wait for her to graduate from the walker……

Nya’s 1st birthday party!

Our baby minnie mouse Nya had her very first birthday party today! Time really flies….. I still vividly remember the day we were holding a party here to celebrate her turning one month old.
We’re glad to have friends here whom we can share our baby girl’s special day with, especially since we’re so far away from home and our family and close friends. Thank you all who came to celebrate with us =)
In fact, deciding to hold this party was a bit of a last minute decision as we’re still in the midst of packing and cleaning. In one week’s time my relatives from Singapore shall be arriving in France to escort us home after abit of travelling. So right now we’re really trying hard to get everything in order before heading back to the sunny island.

Here are the pictures taken today Nya’s party.

Lesson time at 8am

I cannot wait to go back to the sunny island soon, I seriously need more sleep…… Nya is the sort of baby who’s number one enemy is morphius. She absolutely detests sleeping and as a result Nyx and I get deprived of our 40 winks as well. This is what we did this morning at 8am when “people-who-don’t-want-to-sleep” woke up the “people-who-still-want-to-sleep”.

Am I bonkers yet????

Sometimes I wonder when I will cross over the threshold and officially become a bonkerhead. In just a little over a week, Nyx and Nya have been extremely “creative” and I’m a regular fixture on the porch blowing bubbles to soothe my nerves.
Last week I was feeding Nyx her lunch and all of a sudden she threw up, all over the chair and her clothes. I placed her bowl of porridge on the table while I hurried to clean up the mess. BIG mistake! Nya was in her UFO walker and she happily trotted over to pull on the tablecloth in order to reach the bowl so in a split second there was porridge all over her head, ufo, clothes and floor. I then used a string to tie her walker to the table leg, “parking” her there and got Nyx to take off her clothes and wait for me in the bathroom while I went to the porch to blow a few bubbles. This is like breathing therapy for me……
After awhile I felt sane enough to go clear up the mess and not feel agitated.

This morning Guojun went to work at 7 plus and just when he left for work Nyx started crying like crazy cos she wanted him to help her pick up a toy which she dropped under the bed. He was running late so he had no time to help her. I was still clinging to my pillow hoping she would just go back to sleep and Nya would stop crawling around the bed too. Fat hope! A funky smell warfed its way to my nasal passages and I reluctantly turned on the bedside lamp. This has got to be the WORST wake up call ever!!!!!!
Nya somehow pooped a humungous load of crap and smeared it all over the bed and pillows. I think I lost my sense of smell for awhile…… thank goodness I didn’t lose my sanity. Yup, I am updating my blog after a bout of bubble blowing. However I had to do it in the bathroom after clearing up the huge mess because its raining heavily outside.

Sigh……. motherhood is tough, painful and sometimes, it STINKS! hahaha….. But I love my munchkins nonetheless. I just needed to vent.