Potty Master! Mua ha ha ha ha……..

Oh its moments like these when I feel that the patience and hard work that I put in pays off. For the past few months I’ve been encouraging Nyx to answer nature’s call in the potty instead of leaving a message in her diaper instead. We do this song and dance kind of like something from broadway which I made up myself whenever she successfully does her business in the potty, and this actually makes her look forward to being “productive” ha ha!

Last weekend we were out shopping in a mall at Begles when she suddenly told me she needed to poop in the potty, and that was the first time she’s told me that in public. (Usually she only tells me she wants to go to the potty when we’re at home) So I immediately took her to the little girl’s room and it marked her debut moment in pooping in a public toilet.

Today, I took her and Nya out to get some groceries and to check out a swing for meimei as a birthday present from her daddyman. Nyx had actually told me she needed the potty when we were still at the supermarket but I told her to wait awhile longer. My bad…….. I had actually forgotten all about it and after we were done at the supermarket I drove us to another place where the big toy store was. All in all, it must have been over 2 hours from the time she told me she needed to poop till we finally got home. She rushed into the house after taking off her shoes and peeling off her jacket then ran to the toilet and slammed the door behind her. THAT was when I remembered she had told me about her need. When she shouted to me from the toilet that she was done, I had a shock when I saw how much she had been holding in (her diaper was still dry). I’m not gonna be graphic here, but it was ALOT, hahaha. I felt so guilty…… and yet so happy at the same time. I guess I can say she’s now officially potty trained for the day time. Now the next hurdle for her to overcome would be night time potty training.

Sometimes I feel that my little 2 year old is growing up so fast……. I know I’m gonna miss changing diapers for her and singing our little broadway potty song together, sigh…….. Too bad I can’t share videos of her potty sessions and nakie butt with you all, hehe. I might use them to blackmail her in future when she refuses to go out with me and Guojun when we’re old folks though. Muah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Potty Master! Mua ha ha ha ha……..”

  1. Wow.. congrats to you. As for me, I'm still a tad lazy to train her. 5 mins is all I got for doing this.. and I
    ve not been consistent as well. Will be reading & storing tips from blogging mummies – sigh, the practical part is where I struggle! 😛

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