Potty Master! Mua ha ha ha ha……..

Oh its moments like these when I feel that the patience and hard work that I put in pays off. For the past few months I’ve been encouraging Nyx to answer nature’s call in the potty instead of leaving a message in her diaper instead. We do this song and dance kind of like something from broadway which I made up myself whenever she successfully does her business in the potty, and this actually makes her look forward to being “productive” ha ha!

Last weekend we were out shopping in a mall at Begles when she suddenly told me she needed to poop in the potty, and that was the first time she’s told me that in public. (Usually she only tells me she wants to go to the potty when we’re at home) So I immediately took her to the little girl’s room and it marked her debut moment in pooping in a public toilet.

Today, I took her and Nya out to get some groceries and to check out a swing for meimei as a birthday present from her daddyman. Nyx had actually told me she needed the potty when we were still at the supermarket but I told her to wait awhile longer. My bad…….. I had actually forgotten all about it and after we were done at the supermarket I drove us to another place where the big toy store was. All in all, it must have been over 2 hours from the time she told me she needed to poop till we finally got home. She rushed into the house after taking off her shoes and peeling off her jacket then ran to the toilet and slammed the door behind her. THAT was when I remembered she had told me about her need. When she shouted to me from the toilet that she was done, I had a shock when I saw how much she had been holding in (her diaper was still dry). I’m not gonna be graphic here, but it was ALOT, hahaha. I felt so guilty…… and yet so happy at the same time. I guess I can say she’s now officially potty trained for the day time. Now the next hurdle for her to overcome would be night time potty training.

Sometimes I feel that my little 2 year old is growing up so fast……. I know I’m gonna miss changing diapers for her and singing our little broadway potty song together, sigh…….. Too bad I can’t share videos of her potty sessions and nakie butt with you all, hehe. I might use them to blackmail her in future when she refuses to go out with me and Guojun when we’re old folks though. Muah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

We have a mouse in the house!!!

Mei Mei wearing a Mickey Mouse hat
The internet banking device thats bears Nya’s bite marks

One of the many wires she has chewed on. This one didn’t survive her attack.
My mini mouse and her daddy

This is the first time in my life that I’ve come across such a destructive mouse. It is relentless, it is noisey, it is always on the prowl for things to gnaw and chew and it cannot be stopped with any form of mouse traps or glue. She has destroyed several wires and toys and even her dad’s internet banking device. Her favourite has got to be wires……. Its a full time job trying to make sure she doesn’t end up with Albert Einstein’s static hairdo.

I guess being born in the year of the rat really does bear some significance huh?

How the kids stay busy while I pack the boxes

With the house full of boxes now ready to be shipped home to Singapore I had to find a way to get the two muchkins out of my way while I’m packing. These two tents and the tunnel seem to be the solution for now, and they work so well that my two girls can play with each other for very long periods of time while I’m free to sort out and pack our belongings.

Our neighbour’s house is on fire!

Yesterday Guojun was on leave so we decided to spend some time together with the girls in Bordeaux. Just before we were about to go out, Guojun decided to air the house abit so he opened one of the windows and had a huge shock when he saw bellows of smoke and flames licking from one of our neighbour’s home.
We were oblivious to all the mayhem outside till we stepped out and saw the fire fighters battling the flames to put out the fire. One of our neighbours living very close to the house on fire was evacuated and mother, infant and father had to wait along the mainroad while the fire fighters did their job.
I was pretty surprised that there were sooooo many fire fighters and policemen lined up outside our house. They did a great job of putting out the fire very quickly, and only then did we set off for our day trip in Bordeaux.

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Today we attended Shannon’s 4th birthday party and my……. I was deeply impressed by the effort that Jasmine and Jason put in to pull off the party for their princess. They got up very early this morning to prepare the feast and decorations. Last year the theme for Shannon’s birthday party was Dora and this year its Disney Princess.

Shannon had such lovely outfits to wear for the occassion today and really complimented the theme. Thank you Jas and Jason for inviting us over to celebrate your little girl’s special day =)

Off to see the boats again

Whenever I take the girls to Port Larrosse for a stroll, Nyx’s focus is always on the boats that line the port.
This morning we set off early to avoid the heat and glare of the afternoon sun and surprisingly it was already crowded with locals taking a morning walk with their pets and kids. There were also several tourists mulling about, either busy being shutterbugs or enjoying a nice platter of fresh oysters.
This is going to be something I shall miss when we’re back in Singapore…..

For now I can only try to take more pictures to remind us of our life here in France.

Spring is in the air!

The weather here has been absolutely splendid of late and flowers are blooming in myriad of colours that is truly a feast for the eyes.
This morning I took my two Ns for a short stroll around the neighbourhood after dropping off a few things at the recycling collection center near our home and I really enjoyed soaking up the warmth from the sun. Here are a few pictures I took today during our walk and at a playground in the vicinity.

a simple conversation

Besides teaching her manners saying “may I have some …….. please” and “thank you for the……”, I’ve also been trying to engage Nyx in conversations encouraging her to form complete sentences instead of giving me one word answers. Its funny cos sometimes she speaks so quickly like I tend to and it sounds so gibberish that only I can understand her.

Nyx the sleepyhead

I took this video about 2 mins after Nyx woke up from her nap cos Shirley missed both kids so much and asked me to take a video of them today. Instead of just letting her stone like she does after waking up I asked her to name some bodyparts in mandarin. Lately I’ve been building up her vocabulary in mandarin and she can tell me things in Chinese like shu(4) dao(3) le(4) – the tree has fallen -, and Mummy kai(1) che(1) – mummy is driving the car. She still prefers to speak in english but I’m putting more effort in encouraging her to speak in mandarin more often.