“Yo ho ho! Argh…..”

Today we took the two N’s to Bordeaux and what a surprise we had. There were pirates everywhere! And even a huge pirate ship full of looty and a pig roasting over a fire next to it.  

It was such a coincidence because before we set off for Bordeaux, I had dressed the girls up along with matching scarves tied around their heads, similar to that of pirate fashion. I meant to use them to cover up the “toot” new hairdo’s both girls were sporting as we’d just trimmed both their fringes.

There was even a life-sized crocodile prowling about and Nyx kept wanting to sit on it.  Thanks to today’s meeting with the pirates, Nyx’s new favourite words are “Yo ho ho!” and “Argh!….” and “Shiver me timbers!”.  


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