Trip to Bilbao, Spain

We visited the famous Guggenheim museum which was opened in 1997 and also did abit of shopping in a couple of the city’s large indoor shopping malls.  The near 4 hour drive to Bibao was really worth it as we got to enjoy the warm sunny weather and Nyx had so much fun running around the playgrounds and parks.  

While we driving towards Bilbao, Nyx and I got into an arguement.  She kept insisting the flyover was really just a big slide.  She has this habit of naming things that she sees when she’s in the car such as cows, horses, sheep, houses, giant farm sprinklers, factories, clouds, rain, the sun, the moon, cars, trucks, motorbikes, monuments, etc.  Here’s a video of our little arguement.  

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  1. Ya but I think it would be even better to go when its slightly warmer, cos there are huge playgrounds where Shannon can run around and play in. Won’t worry she will catch a cold.

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