No internet connection again since last week

Nyx trying to look like the goldfishes in the tank

The boat full of sushi and sashimi that we ordered

My favourite picture of the moment, it just cracks me up

I really don’t like it when the internet connection is down cos I don’t get to keep in touch with friends and family, I can’t use the linksys to call home (Singapore) and Nyx can’t surf the net and visit several of her favourite educational websites. Which means extra amount of noise ringing in my ears throughout the day from the babies.  The awful weather we’ve been experiencing didn’t make it feasible to head out often either, so I’ve been a hermit with tissue stuffed into my ears surrounded by two miniature hyperactive hermits.  Last night we had winds up to 110km and when I went out this afternoon I saw the mess left in its wake.  We also had heavy rains and hail again today…. argh………..

Nevertheless, despite the gloomy weather and not having the internet to keep us connected and entertained, we kept busy and had two dinner gatherings to celebrate one group of students here graduating and also the 15th day of Chinese New Year.  

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2 thoughts on “No internet connection again since last week”

  1. Yes, I totally understand where you are coming from.

    No internet at u-lu Cazaux can drive one nuts!!! Must have programmes to maintain sanity lor.

    And with 2 kids at home, getting out of the house is better than staying in!!! If not all hell will break loose!

    Soon soon, you will be home. SG is hot and humid but she is not cold and you definitely have more stuff to do here!

    Ren ren……..

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