How my two N’s play with each other

Here are some pictures and videos I took of the girls playing with each other on days when we’re stuck at home.  

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Dawn Sim

Mom of four girls and entrepreneur who enjoys elevating the lives of others through fitness, fun, and empowerment. Follow me on my journey as a mom trying to do what’s best for kids and keeping myself sane, fit and happy.

3 thoughts on “How my two N’s play with each other”

  1. Thank are such a pair of good actress lighten our life. Enjoy watching their video… Keep it up dawn sim… I think nya is scared of injection she keep pushing nyx away when she trying to inject her

  2. Hey Tammy hey Jess, thank you for the lovely comments =) Their daddy laughed and laughed when he saw the videos too.
    Nya really hates injections, especially after getting the BCG jab, it still hasn’t healed yet, a few months already leh….

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