we’ve all recovered! yay!

As of today the whole family has recovered fully. My nose has stopped leaking and the girls have stopped coughing, the daddy has also gone back to work. The dry air and freezing temperatures really aren’t my cup of tea at all. So here are some pictures of the girls in the household after a bout of the cold (especially for you Tammy). I really can’t wait to get back to hot, sweaty, humid Singapore. I’d choose that over this freezing cold anytime manz……..

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Dawn Sim

Mom of four girls and entrepreneur who enjoys elevating the lives of others through fitness, fun, and empowerment. Follow me on my journey as a mom trying to do what’s best for kids and keeping myself sane, fit and happy.

2 thoughts on “we’ve all recovered! yay!”

  1. Thanks dearie =)
    We’re heading back either end April or early May when my relatives come over for a holiday. How bout you? When are you coming back to France?

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