Heartache………and dilema

My poor baby Nya had to go for therapy this evening to remove phlegm from her respiratory system. It was her first time having to go through this and according to the doctor she will have to undergo this painful process for a week. When I saw the way the therapist tried to force the mucus out of Nya I almost cried. It was so heartwrenching to see the man pressing down on her ribs and throat such that she started gagging and choking and gasping for air. Her entire face and upper body turned red and I was so afraid she would pass out. She tried to cry but also had to fight for air at the same time. I really couldn’t take it…… but I saw that alot of mucus and phlegm was coming out of her mouth and nose each time she gagged. I wanted to stop the therapist so many times…..He even used two syringes to squirt some solution into each of her nostrils to clear them. Finally it was over, after close to 10 minutes. Nya was so tired from this short, painful session that she fell asleep in the car just after we left the clinic. I’m in a dilema because I don’t know I want to bring her back there again.

Before we went to this therapy centre, Nyx, Nya and I had to see our doctor as Nyx and Nya were coughing alot, and I mean alot. Everyday they would cough till they vomit, at least once. So for the past few days I’ve been a very hardworking “janitor”, cleaning up puke day and night. All this while having a throat infection…. ouch. So today I finally got myself checked and hopefully the meds will help this infection go away fast. Thank goodness Guojun came back from Singapore the day before so at least now I have some help.