Our last night in France with Lily, Johnny and Asher

Early this morning at 5am Guojun sent our dear friends off to the airport to catch their flight to Paris and then to Singapore. It must be the most exciting trip they’ve been looking forward to since arriving here two years ago, because this is the first time they’re going back in so long and with an added family member too! I’m sure all their friends and family can’t wait to see them =)

Last night we had yet another farewell for our dear friends and godson at a nice French seafood restaurant in Arcachon right at the beachfront, followed by drinks at Cafe de la Plage a few doors down.

Our “playgroup” has grown smaller yet again, but we look forward to rejoining real soon in Singapore. The next “member” to head back to Singapore will be me and the two girls in a couple of months time and I just can’t wait! =)

Some of the things I really miss back home……
1)my family and dogssssss
2)the nanny clan
3)my relatives
4)my friends
4)the FOOD
5)the warm balmy weather
6)my Lara Craft (my car)
7)teaching classes

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