Not again??

Ever since the girls started with the phlegmy cough, its been one nonsensical sleep-depriving, nerve wrecking, syringe-wrestling, irritable crying- filled two weeks for me and Guojun.  A few days ago Nyx had a high fever due to an ear infection and now Nya is having high fevers (up to 39.9 degrees celcius!) since last night. So much so that we had to rush her to the hospital’s A&E at 3 plus this morning because her temperature refused to go down despite the sponging and suppository we had to shove up her butt.  

Just to play safe we also brought her to see her pediatrician Higuet this morning at 10am.  I really hope to avoid having anyone of us sick again.  Guojun and I have become such light sleepers now because we’re so afraid of the girls’ temperatures rising.  Nya even puked thrice this morning and according to her doctor its due to the discomfort she experiences from the viral throat infection when she swallows.  He says the fever can also be attributed to the fact that she’s teething.  She has 4 teeth on the upper palate cutting through, so you can imagine how CRANKY she is.  Even Nyx gets so frustrated and keeps shaking her hands and asking “meimei what do you want??!!!!!” “Haiyah!”

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