Dripping noses and cough cough coughing……

Nya seems be coughing less today which is a good sign. But tomorrow she has to go for the second session of the painful therapy. Nyx is still coughing with alot of phlegm and often wakes up during the night time and her afternoon nap vomitting after a serious bout of coughing to clear the mucus from her system. She was sneezing quite abit today also, which made her look like a rosey-cheeked Rudolph (red nose and cheeks).
Nya has also sprouted another two teeth on the top palate which might explain the fevers a few nights ago. Nyx is also sprouting another set of molars, they’re potruding halfway out of her gums. They are growing up so fast….
I also took some pictures of Nyx posing with some stuff her daddy brought back along with him from Singapore. She was so busy helping him unpack all the goodies from his luggage on wednesday when he arrived.

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