Chinese New Year’s celebration in France

Fireworks and Nyx being a little frightened by it

Lion dance

Here are some pictures Guojun took last Friday night at the squadron where our Singaporean community here celebrated CNY along with some French guests.  Nya and I stayed home and had to give the dinner party a miss as both of us were having high fevers.  We’ve both recovered already and everyone is well.  Unfortunately there are many folks here suffering from the same thing and now there’s an outbreak of stomach flu too, I really hope none of us catch the awful virus and that whoever is down with anything gets a speedy recovery.    

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3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year’s celebration in France”

  1. Hey Karen! =)Oh boy…. we were all taking turns to fall sick, and that day I was having a high fever and Nya was still getting high temperatures on and off.
    We had a really cute cheongsam for Nya to wear too but it was such a pity she couldn’t go to the dinner.

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