Back from the stone age……

A tractor hauling away the chopped up trees

Ever since the strong winds hit us the whole of Saturday with speeds of over 100km/hr. We’ve had several power failures (extremely inconvenient and frustrating) and we also lost our internet connection as well the phone connection.  The mobile network was down for awhile too, even today it was unavailable for sometime  

Although the strong winds did its damage and left several uprooted trees (some are really big) and signposts, etc  in its wake, we still see a whole big mess out there. Even after several days, the town council is still trying to chop up the fallen trees and clear the area.  Roads were blocked, there were floods and debri strewn everywhere.  I took some pictures of the friendly neighbourhood trees which were not able to withstand the awful weather three days ago.  The heavy rains contributed to their demise too….. I’m really praying this horrible weather stops plagueing us. 

Oh and Happy New Year to everyone! Love love!

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