Chinese New Year’s celebration in France

Fireworks and Nyx being a little frightened by it

Lion dance

Here are some pictures Guojun took last Friday night at the squadron where our Singaporean community here celebrated CNY along with some French guests.  Nya and I stayed home and had to give the dinner party a miss as both of us were having high fevers.  We’ve both recovered already and everyone is well.  Unfortunately there are many folks here suffering from the same thing and now there’s an outbreak of stomach flu too, I really hope none of us catch the awful virus and that whoever is down with anything gets a speedy recovery.    

Back from the stone age……

A tractor hauling away the chopped up trees

Ever since the strong winds hit us the whole of Saturday with speeds of over 100km/hr. We’ve had several power failures (extremely inconvenient and frustrating) and we also lost our internet connection as well the phone connection.  The mobile network was down for awhile too, even today it was unavailable for sometime  

Although the strong winds did its damage and left several uprooted trees (some are really big) and signposts, etc  in its wake, we still see a whole big mess out there. Even after several days, the town council is still trying to chop up the fallen trees and clear the area.  Roads were blocked, there were floods and debri strewn everywhere.  I took some pictures of the friendly neighbourhood trees which were not able to withstand the awful weather three days ago.  The heavy rains contributed to their demise too….. I’m really praying this horrible weather stops plagueing us. 

Oh and Happy New Year to everyone! Love love!

Not again??

Ever since the girls started with the phlegmy cough, its been one nonsensical sleep-depriving, nerve wrecking, syringe-wrestling, irritable crying- filled two weeks for me and Guojun.  A few days ago Nyx had a high fever due to an ear infection and now Nya is having high fevers (up to 39.9 degrees celcius!) since last night. So much so that we had to rush her to the hospital’s A&E at 3 plus this morning because her temperature refused to go down despite the sponging and suppository we had to shove up her butt.  

Just to play safe we also brought her to see her pediatrician Higuet this morning at 10am.  I really hope to avoid having anyone of us sick again.  Guojun and I have become such light sleepers now because we’re so afraid of the girls’ temperatures rising.  Nya even puked thrice this morning and according to her doctor its due to the discomfort she experiences from the viral throat infection when she swallows.  He says the fever can also be attributed to the fact that she’s teething.  She has 4 teeth on the upper palate cutting through, so you can imagine how CRANKY she is.  Even Nyx gets so frustrated and keeps shaking her hands and asking “meimei what do you want??!!!!!” “Haiyah!”

Hitting the winter sale in Spain, San Sebastian

Our first family picture in San Sebastian

One of my definite stops in SS, the huge triple storey ZARA store

Nyx shopping in Hugo  Boss
I think this is the 5th trip for our family to San Sebastian and everytime we come here, shopping is the main objective. Hahaha…..
I wish I had remembered to whip out my camera more often to take pictures of the lovely surroundings while the sun was still shining though. These pictures I took were when it was already sundown, shucks. We drove here together with a bunch our friends, 4 cars in total. And thank goodness the two babies decided to be very cooperative throughout the day despite being confined from morning till night in the carseat and the stroller.

Our last night in France with Lily, Johnny and Asher

Early this morning at 5am Guojun sent our dear friends off to the airport to catch their flight to Paris and then to Singapore. It must be the most exciting trip they’ve been looking forward to since arriving here two years ago, because this is the first time they’re going back in so long and with an added family member too! I’m sure all their friends and family can’t wait to see them =)

Last night we had yet another farewell for our dear friends and godson at a nice French seafood restaurant in Arcachon right at the beachfront, followed by drinks at Cafe de la Plage a few doors down.

Our “playgroup” has grown smaller yet again, but we look forward to rejoining real soon in Singapore. The next “member” to head back to Singapore will be me and the two girls in a couple of months time and I just can’t wait! =)

Some of the things I really miss back home……
1)my family and dogssssss
2)the nanny clan
3)my relatives
4)my friends
4)the FOOD
5)the warm balmy weather
6)my Lara Craft (my car)
7)teaching classes

we’ve all recovered! yay!

As of today the whole family has recovered fully. My nose has stopped leaking and the girls have stopped coughing, the daddy has also gone back to work. The dry air and freezing temperatures really aren’t my cup of tea at all. So here are some pictures of the girls in the household after a bout of the cold (especially for you Tammy). I really can’t wait to get back to hot, sweaty, humid Singapore. I’d choose that over this freezing cold anytime manz……..

No more therapy needed!

This afternoon I took Nya to the therapist’s clinic for the 3rd time and I was so happy to hear him say that she didn’t need any more sessions!!!! Oh yeah! The past 2 lung massage therapies must have really scared Nya because when she laid her eyes on the therapist’s face, she started wailing and screaming and tears started streaming down her face. Thank goodness she didn’t have to go through the process again today. Nyx is also recovering and coughing alot less. Both girls have stopped vomitting too as they don’t have to cough so hard to try and clear the phlegm anymore, so I’m very relieved.

Dripping noses and cough cough coughing……

Nya seems be coughing less today which is a good sign. But tomorrow she has to go for the second session of the painful therapy. Nyx is still coughing with alot of phlegm and often wakes up during the night time and her afternoon nap vomitting after a serious bout of coughing to clear the mucus from her system. She was sneezing quite abit today also, which made her look like a rosey-cheeked Rudolph (red nose and cheeks).
Nya has also sprouted another two teeth on the top palate which might explain the fevers a few nights ago. Nyx is also sprouting another set of molars, they’re potruding halfway out of her gums. They are growing up so fast….
I also took some pictures of Nyx posing with some stuff her daddy brought back along with him from Singapore. She was so busy helping him unpack all the goodies from his luggage on wednesday when he arrived.