Nyx and Nya get their driver’s licenses!

Woohoo! Mommy gets a new Renault Espace, Grandpa Richard gets a Honda arriving soon and Nyx gets a brand spanking new Dora sportcar from godparents Lily and Johnny! But first, she needs to get a license before taking the car out for a spin. Nya got her license at the same time as her jie jie so now both girlies can take turns behind the wheel.

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5 thoughts on “Nyx and Nya get their driver’s licenses!”

  1. Tammy, all the tu tus belong to Nya but Nyx often snatches it from her sis cos she wants to get attention.
    Hey Kym, thanks. These kid’s shades were actually given to Nyx by my sis in law. And I got myself an exact same pair a few weeks after =)

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