Nya’s first attempt at crawling at 7 and a half months

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3 thoughts on “Nya’s first attempt at crawling at 7 and a half months”

  1. Hey! that was pretty fast!Nya is trying hard..very hard. I remembered the last time J-Ning in this stage.. She wasnt really crawling wif her knees. It was more like a “commando crawl” n it went to a walking stage after that

  2. So cute!!! soon u be running over over the place to catch Nya when she starts crawling. Can’t wait for Ethan to learn to sit and start crawling like Nya too..

  3. Hey Jess and Kym =)
    These are really the precious moments we want to capture and I’m glad I had my camera charged and ready at that point in time.
    Kym, that time will come very soon for you, better have your cam corder handy! hehehe……

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