One year more “matured”……….

Ah yes…… nobody likes to be referred to as “getting older” but such is the fact. I am getting older, and next year I’ll be pushing the big Three O. Eeks!
Having friends here while being far away from home is so important because they lend a hand when we need it and celebrate special days and moments with us, on top of several other points. Some of my friends here helped organize a surprise party birthday party for me and took me and kiddies out for a nice lunch. I added those photos here too. Thank you gals!
Guojun is flying back to Singapore for almost two weeks tomorrow, so we tried to spend as much time together today as possible. Lunch was at Okinawa restaurant with godma Lily, godpa Johnny and godson Asher followed by a long day in Bordeaux. I took some pictures of the munchkins this morning before heading out and I’m glad I did cos I caught Nyx doing something so cute. She was trying to do a high five with Nya using her foot! Hahaha. She also wished me “Happy birthday mommy!” early this morning so it really made my day =) Can’t wait for Meimei to start yakking too……..

The Stowaway…..

Guess who decided to pack herself into daddy’s luggage today? Guojun is flying back to Singapore for a week and a half this Sunday so he got the suitcases out from the garage and almost immediately Nyx plonked herself in and even remembered to put on her “seatbelt” for the journey back to the sunny island as a little stowaway. Tsk tsk…. Her daddy couldn’t resist taking a few pictures while she was in the midst of her antics.

Farewell dinner for our friends and my visit to the dentist

I had to get two teeth extracted on Friday evening – one wisdom tooth and a molar side by side. It was quite a quick procedure and required quite a few stitches too. An hour after the surgery we went for dinner at a restaurant in Arcachon. I had alot of difficulty eating the food and ended up swallowing most of my food without chewing because of the pain and swelling. Its been two days after the extractions but my left cheek is still very swollen and I cannot close my jaw completely. Next Friday I’ll have to return to the dentist again to get the stitches removed. Here are the pictures we took the night of the farewell dinner. You can already see the swelling happening on my left jaw.