Nyx reciting the alphabet to Meimei

This morning Nyx went to the pediatrition for her BCG jab and boy did she make me feel like burying my head in the sand.  It wasn’t because she was screaming and kicking a fuss in the doctor’s presence….. She called him “stupid man!” cos he was taking a long time giving her the jab and it must have hurt real bad.  The doctor had already told me that this injection would hurt big time and that she will develop a nasty open wound at the site of the jab.  I was majorly embarrassed after she scolded him, like really big time…… Thank goodness he didn’t react badly to it, phew! Cos I’ll have to face him every month.  Usually she only calls her dad that, this is the first time she’s ever said it to someone else.  Guess besides teaching her new things I’ve also got some “un-teaching” to do huh? oh boy………….

Here’s the mini me reciting the alphabet to her little sis.

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