Ear infection and high fever

Its been a rough week ever since Nya started having fevers on and off with the temperature going as high as 38.8 degrees.  Apparently the fevers were the result of an ear infection she has in her left ear.  The infection must have been causing her so much pain and discomfort as she would go on wailing and crying for as long as 4 hrs at a stretch (really not good for my sanity).  Her appetite was affected too as swallowing would hurt the area close to her ear.  I’m only updating my blog now as everyone is asleep which is really a rare moment for me.  For the past few days Nya has been clinging to me like a scared kitten, the moment I try to put to her down on the bed she starts screaming and crying like crazy again. Seriously I thought I was pretty strong, but you try carrying an 8 kg plus weight around with you the whole day even when you go to the toilet and cook and clean the house and feed yourself and a two year old kid, bathe and help a child with the potty,…. (you get the idea). Basically my left arm looks like popeye the sailor man’s now, but it feels so sore.  

I’m not the only one having a having a hard time with Meimei being so cranky though, Nyx was affected too.  Yesterday Nya was crying so loud and Nyx couldn’t hear what Dora was saying so she went up to Nya and said “meimei! what do you want? Do you want to buy sweets? Do you want toys? You wanna go gai gai??”  Well, Meimei couldn’t answer those questions yet but I think she was seriously interested, cos she kept quiet and was staring at Nyx for almost a minute, pondering what, I cannot fathom….. I wonder what sort of conversations the two girls will have when Nya is two years old like Nyx is now.  

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Nya before we headed to the doctor’s clinic a few days ago.  Its been getting pretty cold so we’re all wrapped up in thick jackets and layers already.  

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5 thoughts on “Ear infection and high fever”

  1. Hey Sel, you know…. i feel like i’m back to the zombified state where I was only sleeping 3 to 4 hrs a night, just after Nya was born. Pengz….
    Agmon, Jess, Thanks. Yes Nya has recovered already, much less cranky too. Phew!

  2. You might try an Earcheck (www.earcheck.com) next time you suspect your little one has an ear infection. I used it last night on my daughter and it works. It confirmed sh had an infection so I gave her some Tylenol so seh could sleep and then wnt to the doc in the morning and he confirmed it. It gave me great piece of mind.

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