Fourth Trip to Andorra??????

This is my fourth trip to Andorra since arriving here in France in 2006. It is such a pity though, that we couldn’t ski on this trip as the ski resorts only open for business this weekend, one day after we set off for home.
Along the late drive home we also made a quick stop along Carcassone (The City). This is the first time I visited this medieval castle after sundown. Pretty grand sight actually…… too bad my camera couldn’t capture the beauty of it.

Shirley’s trip to Arcachon

I lost count how many times I’ve been to Arcachon and yet today was the first time I took an elevator to visit a lovely and quaint park situated within this town. From the edge of this park we were able to see the entire bay area and get our faces frozen in the process. It was freezing cold and with the strong wind blowing hard, the insides of my ears started hurting like crazy. We had intended to stop by the ice cream shop here which sells homemade ice cream for a few scoops of the creamy cold stuff, but alas it wasn’t open for business.

Nyx reciting the alphabet to Meimei

This morning Nyx went to the pediatrition for her BCG jab and boy did she make me feel like burying my head in the sand.  It wasn’t because she was screaming and kicking a fuss in the doctor’s presence….. She called him “stupid man!” cos he was taking a long time giving her the jab and it must have hurt real bad.  The doctor had already told me that this injection would hurt big time and that she will develop a nasty open wound at the site of the jab.  I was majorly embarrassed after she scolded him, like really big time…… Thank goodness he didn’t react badly to it, phew! Cos I’ll have to face him every month.  Usually she only calls her dad that, this is the first time she’s ever said it to someone else.  Guess besides teaching her new things I’ve also got some “un-teaching” to do huh? oh boy………….

Here’s the mini me reciting the alphabet to her little sis.

Ear infection and high fever

Its been a rough week ever since Nya started having fevers on and off with the temperature going as high as 38.8 degrees.  Apparently the fevers were the result of an ear infection she has in her left ear.  The infection must have been causing her so much pain and discomfort as she would go on wailing and crying for as long as 4 hrs at a stretch (really not good for my sanity).  Her appetite was affected too as swallowing would hurt the area close to her ear.  I’m only updating my blog now as everyone is asleep which is really a rare moment for me.  For the past few days Nya has been clinging to me like a scared kitten, the moment I try to put to her down on the bed she starts screaming and crying like crazy again. Seriously I thought I was pretty strong, but you try carrying an 8 kg plus weight around with you the whole day even when you go to the toilet and cook and clean the house and feed yourself and a two year old kid, bathe and help a child with the potty,…. (you get the idea). Basically my left arm looks like popeye the sailor man’s now, but it feels so sore.  

I’m not the only one having a having a hard time with Meimei being so cranky though, Nyx was affected too.  Yesterday Nya was crying so loud and Nyx couldn’t hear what Dora was saying so she went up to Nya and said “meimei! what do you want? Do you want to buy sweets? Do you want toys? You wanna go gai gai??”  Well, Meimei couldn’t answer those questions yet but I think she was seriously interested, cos she kept quiet and was staring at Nyx for almost a minute, pondering what, I cannot fathom….. I wonder what sort of conversations the two girls will have when Nya is two years old like Nyx is now.  

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Nya before we headed to the doctor’s clinic a few days ago.  Its been getting pretty cold so we’re all wrapped up in thick jackets and layers already.