Heartache and guilt

Sometimes I wonder if its entirely my fault, if its cos Nyx wants to get more attention after meimei came along or if she’s just being very inquisitive.  The day before yesterday we found ourselves in the A&E ward of the hospital again, this time cos Nyx was in so much pain and wouldn’t stop crying after she got soap in her eyes.  It caused her right eye to turn red and she kept rubbing it and crying even after I flushed it with cool water again and again.
I was outside collecting the laundry and she was blowing bubbles as usual when we were out on the porch, except this time she decided to smear the bubble solution on her face and some of it got into her eyes.  We thought she was fine until it she suddenly kept screaming and crying at night and was having abit of difficulty keeping her right eye open.
At the hospital, the doctor just did what I did for her as well, just bathed her eye in water and told us she was fine.  The redness had subsided since yesterday and we’ve thrown the bubble solution away but then…… am I to keep her away from anything or any activities that might pose the slightest risk? Even sitting on a swing, playing on a slide, riding a bike, swimming, etc will be dangerous right?
Sigh…… I remember falling from the slide when I was little and having a scar above my brow to remind me of that incident as well.  I guess things like that will be bound to happen especially when the child is extremely inquisitive and active.  But I’m definitely gonna be keeping an even closer watch on Nyx and Nya….. too much guilt and near heart attacks for me for now.

Lazy Sunday Morning

After I was done expressing milk for Nya this morning I returned to the bedroom to see the two little girls holding hands with their daddy man sort of in the way.  We usually don’t let them sleep so close together, especially during this quarantine period. But somehow they just wriggled towards each other just to hold one another’s hands.  It was a kodak moment………..

Couch potato in the making

Sucking on her fingers

Watching her older sis jumping on the sofa

Fingers got tangled up!

Bored bored bored at home from the quarantine

Taking the mei mei for a walk around the house

Nya hates sitting in the red capsule nowadays and she’s become real proficient in squirming her way out of it, so in order to keep her occupied and happy we’ve gotta crack our noggins and rack our brains. Especially since we’re still under quarantine…… that makes 
it even more of a challenge.