New matching car seats

Nyx was having a cold yesterday when I took these pictures so her nose resembles that of Rudolph the reindeer. Yup, they still love holding hands. I had to nag and nag at Nyx to stop holding Meimei’s hands cos sometimes she wipes her snot with her hands and I worry that Nya will catch a cold too.

You probably also noticed the “thing” sticking out of Nyx’s mouth. No the pacifier isn’t hers. Its Nya’s but Nyx keeps finding ways and means to get more attention from her daddy and I, and this sucking on the “tutu” is one way method she finds highly effective. I had already weaned her off it when she was 18months old but for the past week she kept stealing Nya’s pacifier and runs to us showing that she can be as cute as her sister. The first few times she did it we kept telling her to stop and it was wasn’t hers, then we’d try to take it away from her. So even though she gets told off, she still achieved her goal (getting attention).

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