Magnetic Munchkins and a mat invader

Its really hard keeping the two girls apart, sometimes I feel like they’re just a pair of magnets. Even when I’m trying to change Nya’s diapers Nyx wants to have a hand in it. Just last week I suffered abdominal pains from laughing too much cos while I changing Nya’s diapers I left her butt naked on the changing mat for awhile to “air” and Nyx was kissing her sister’s tummy but her face was positioned sort of between Nya’s legs. All of a sudden Nya farted and Nyx got a shock from getting hit in the face by something so smelly. She cringed and told me “Meimei Ah-choo down there”. Usually she will say meimei “poot!” I think she was delirious.

We also took some pictures of Nyx here practicing Pilates and Yoga on her own. She can follow instructions quite well too.

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4 thoughts on “Magnetic Munchkins and a mat invader”

  1. Wakakakakaka… I couldn’t stop laughing after reading your funny lor… I even told my sisters and parent.

    Oh.. I love the first photo.. so sweet. and hor Nyx’s dress in the last few pictures is so pretty!

  2. Che , hehehe, ya I really wished moms and pops took pics of us like that too….

    Yan, soon soon 😉

    Jas, I had muscle ache for a few days from all the laughing too manz! hiak hiak

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