New matching car seats

Nyx was having a cold yesterday when I took these pictures so her nose resembles that of Rudolph the reindeer. Yup, they still love holding hands. I had to nag and nag at Nyx to stop holding Meimei’s hands cos sometimes she wipes her snot with her hands and I worry that Nya will catch a cold too.

You probably also noticed the “thing” sticking out of Nyx’s mouth. No the pacifier isn’t hers. Its Nya’s but Nyx keeps finding ways and means to get more attention from her daddy and I, and this sucking on the “tutu” is one way method she finds highly effective. I had already weaned her off it when she was 18months old but for the past week she kept stealing Nya’s pacifier and runs to us showing that she can be as cute as her sister. The first few times she did it we kept telling her to stop and it was wasn’t hers, then we’d try to take it away from her. So even though she gets told off, she still achieved her goal (getting attention).

Sprouting tiny chompers!

The day before yesterday was when I first noticed Nya’s bottom two front teeth cutting through her gums. So since she’s always been drooling tonnes of saliva since day one as an infant, she now drools even more……..
Thankfully she’s just as cheerful as ever and happy as a clam, none of that crankiness and irritability that accompanies the teething period. I’ll try to take a few pictures using my camera’s macro function later when the little tyke wakes up, hopefully it doesn’t come out as a blur.
Recently Nyx has started to help herself to her little sister’s pacifiers! Holey moley…… I reckon its due to her wanting to get more attention, cos she obviously knows she’s not supposed to do that. This week I’ve managed to teach her all the colours, counting up to 20 (she pronounces 15 as five-teen and 17 as sehburnteen), and the names of african animals. She’s also getting so good at babysitting Nya. Sometimes when Nya falls asleep next to her on the bed either during their daytime naps or at night, Nyx will put her index finger against her lips and tell Guojun and I “shhhh….. Meimei is sleeping….” The sentences she forms are much more complete and are getting longer, however she still has quite abit of work to do when it comes to pronouncing her R’s and L’s.
We usually give her “time-outs” or moments of “solitary confinement” in one of the bedrooms but that doesn’t work anymore cos she will just climb onto the bed or find something to step on and turn the lights. Then she’ll start finding toys to play with, books to flip through or just sing and talk to herself. So recently her daddy started to put her in the garage for “time-outs” when she starts behaving badly. Since last week whenever she gets angry with Guojun she would shout at him saying “do you want to go to the garage???!!!!!!” Pengz……..

Magnetic Munchkins and a mat invader

Its really hard keeping the two girls apart, sometimes I feel like they’re just a pair of magnets. Even when I’m trying to change Nya’s diapers Nyx wants to have a hand in it. Just last week I suffered abdominal pains from laughing too much cos while I changing Nya’s diapers I left her butt naked on the changing mat for awhile to “air” and Nyx was kissing her sister’s tummy but her face was positioned sort of between Nya’s legs. All of a sudden Nya farted and Nyx got a shock from getting hit in the face by something so smelly. She cringed and told me “Meimei Ah-choo down there”. Usually she will say meimei “poot!” I think she was delirious.

We also took some pictures of Nyx here practicing Pilates and Yoga on her own. She can follow instructions quite well too.