Stuck, stuck, stuck at home……

Being stuck at home ain’t fun at all.  Guojun’s on mc today and tomorrow, but we try not to get too upset about not being able to go out to sight see and explore. So for now, staying at home means watching shows together…… cleaning, reading storybooks together…. cleaning, playing and singing together, cleaning and taking some pictures, and cleaning. Hahaha….. yes, I don’t think I’ve ever done so much cleaning before in such a short time. My mama would be so proud. kekeke.

Here’s a video of Nyx asking Guojun what he wants while I was doing the laundry.

Rediscovering Saint Emillion

One of the many wine shops

Guojun took a picture of this vineyard on our way back home

Once again, since we’re not allowed to take any pictures even without the flash,
I had to get this image from another website to show you the underground pottery museum

The exterior of the monolithic church. The interior is absolutely stunning and ancient

Nyx was actually shouting and blabbering to the owner of this ice cream shop

The monolithic church

An extremely old part of the town, its very well preserved

The crazy winding steep slope down to the town square

Loitering along the cobblestone streets in the small town

The wine celler, one of the very very old ones

Photography isn’t allowed in the underground hermitage and galleries
so this is a picture of the hermitage we saw but I got this image from a website

Waiting for mommy to get the tickets to the guided tour

Me standing at this spot taking yet another picture for the 10th time??????

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve toured this medieval city and its gorgeous vineyards.  But today really was something different as we discovered
something, or rather someplace that we’ve never set our sights on such as the hermitage, the catacombs, the monolithic church and the underground galleries. 
We took the guided tour organized by the tourism office but it was all in French! Heng……. 
they provided us with brochures in English and I still managed to catch most of what the tour
guide was blabbering about.
 This weekend happens to be the time when Europe celebrates Heritage day so there are 
festivals and celebrations with firework displays and concerts galore.

Peas in a pod

Nyx absolutely adores her meimei, butI still cannot leave the two of them alone to play on the bed or anywhere for that matter cos sometimes Nyx tends to treat Nya like a soft toy.  Just by looking at the picture of the two of them playing on the activity mat you’d think I was the one who positioned them as such. Unfortunately, it was Nyx who went to push Nya to one side of the mat and then ask me to take a picture for the both of them.  Pengz….
Nowadays she tries to get attention by behaving like Nya, like sitting in the UFO Shirley bought for her last year.

Also here’s a video of her in Hyperactive mode at 11 plus at night.  This is not really her most hyperactive behaviour yet…….

To the petting zoo AGAIN

Now when we visit the petting zoo Nyx seems to be a whole lot more daring when it comes to touching the animals and interacting with them.  
Sometimes when she sees the animals she’s familiar with she’ll start to sing the Old Macdonald song.  
The weather is starting to get a little chilly now so we’re trying to make the most of our season pass before it expires, which also explains why we’re here AGAIN. Hahaha.