Carnival organized by Singaporeans

Nya just relaxing in her capsule

Midway through BINGO

Gina “ting (1) pai (2)” cos left only one number

The mummys’ corner

Nyx trading sweets???

Nyx relaxing in Nya’s capsule

Playing catching

The prizes

Me and Lily

Evelyn carrying Nya

Jason and Shannon playing at one of the stalls

Yet another game stall

Rafael and his mom Evelyn

Nyx trying to bite her godpa??

Being offered some durian ice cream

Finishing up the ice cream

The durian ice cream stall

Selling BINGO tickets

Stall selling malt candy

Yesterday we attended a mini carnival organized by a group of Singaporeans who live in the same street.  It was really nice of these neighbours who put in all the time and effort to make it a fun filled evening for everyone.  There were game stalls, finger foods, and even home-made durian ice cream and BINGO!

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