Nyx’s birthday parties

We held two seperate parties for Nyx, one on Sat evening and another on Sun during lunch cos our house isn’t big enough to accomodate over 50 adults and their kids. Her actual
 birthday is on the 3rd of September but we’re holding the parties over this weekend 
so that everyone can attend and celebrate along with us.  Happy pre birthday baby girl!

View of fireworks display from our doorstep

Sometime just before 11pm tonight we heard loud crackling noises coming from the port near our home so we opened the front door and became audience to a firework display.  I have no idea what the occassion is….. so far this is the third time we’ve had a firework display happening so close to our house but its the only time I decided to whip out the camera to capture it.  

The happy 4 months old

I have no idea why The Nyx was so grumpy this morning as we were getting ready to take The Royal Meimei for her 3rd and 4th injections.  One of the jabs was a 5-in-one vaacination. The other one was for meningitis.  Poor little baby got two needles stuck into each butt cheek, ouch!
According to the doctor who checked Nyx’s wound today, we’ll need to change her wound dressing everyday for the next 3 weeks before we can do without the bandage.  Now she has this habit of smacking mine or Guojun’s hand and saying “go away!” or “fet you ah!” (smack you ah!) when we try to take a gander at her left thumb.  
Today Nya turns 4 months old! She now weighs in at 7kg and measures 62.5cm long.

Nya sits up by herself

“So what do you thinketh of my new do?”

Nyx put Nya’s shirt on her head like that. Pengz!

Watching Spongebob Squarepants together. And they laugh together!

Drinking milk together. See Nyx getting drunk?

Baby girl Nya is growing so fast! For short moments I can let her sit up on her own but I’ve been told its not too good to let infants her age do it for prolonged periods cos their spine may not be ready for it yet.  Anyhoo….. here are a couple of pictures of the two royal highnesses cosying up to one another at home.

Nyx makes belly buttons


Making a bellybutton

The bellybutton according to Nyx

“eyes” according to nyx. I think cos the round ball is supposed to be a face

A couple of days ago Lily and Johnny came over with a wonderful gift for Nyx which included some putty like playdoh in this Dora the Explorer playset.  And even though she’s got an injured thumb it hasn’t prevented her from having fun with her “masak masak”.  This afternoon she was playing with putty and suddenly ran to me exclaiming “mommy look! Bellybutton!” I was quite amused to see her creation, even though it just involved using her finger to poke a hole into the putty.  A few minutes later she ran to me again to show me “eyes” and “noodles”.  I guess they do look sort of like what Nyx 
claims them to be.  


Yesterday was a traumatic day for us as Nyx suffered quite a bad injury and we had to take her to the hospital.  I turned on the fan in the bedroom for Nya as the summer heat was making her feel warm and I kept telling Nyx not to meddle with the buttons or play around the fan.  

Somehow as I was in the bathroom cleaning Nya up, Nyx managed to topple the fan down and I guess she must have been trying to shield her face when her fingers and thumb got caught in between the spaces of the metal barrier.  As a result of that her left thumb suffered a serious injury from the fan blades, slicing off some flesh which the doctor says will grow back.  

I felt really really bad as I should have watched her more closely. To make matters worse she was crying and kept apologising to me profusely saying “sorry mommy sorry mommy…..” while her thumb was bleeding as I had warned her multiple times to stop pushing the buttons or playing near the fan.  

She was really brave as the doctor and nurses who tended to her cleaned and dressed her wound.  Nyx only whimpered a little and let the professionals do their job with ease.  We had to ensure that her tentanus vaccination was up to date and for now we’ll have to make sure that the wound doesnt get infected.  Holding her toys and bowl as well as showering will be abit tough for now too.  For Nyx and I, we’ve both learnt a very valuable lesson.  I’m gonna watch her and Nya even more closely from now on, and for Nyx hopefully when I tell her not to monkey around with something she will heed my words.