Off to the petting zoo again

Nyx fanning the royal mei mei

Sitting on the swing

Riding a bike that’s too tall for her

On the trampoline

Her favourite ride at the park

Cheeky face

Riding the “toing toing” chicken

Got no license leh……..

Making sure got no “mah tah” around

Showing her motorbiker face

Stalking the baby goat

Nya wondering when she can run around the park too

Smiley face!

Petting the baby chick

Running into the park just after we went through the entrance, so excited! Go find the pig!

Yep we’re at La Coccinelle again.  This time, sans the crowd.  The previous time we went there it was tres tres crowded cos a number of students were there on an excursion.  We decided to drop by La Coccinelle on the way to Arcachon  here we planned to have lunch after Nya had her injections.  
Oh yes, This morning I took Nya for her monthly checkup and her first jabs.  The pediatrician was quite surprised cos since we saw him a month ago Nya has suddenly grown 7 cm! Wah haha.  At 3 months she is now a little over 6kg and measures 57cm long.  

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2 thoughts on “Off to the petting zoo again”

  1. eh no leh, its 7cm growth in one month. haha!

    Yes Nyx loves the petting zoo. I think now Shannon can play at the kid’s park next door already right?

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