First trip to the Kiddie park

Nya at the entrance of the park

Nyx on a trampoline

Nyx on a ride which looks like a pig and ladybug hybrid

Taking a  break and munching on Pringles

Nyx on the see saw

Some sort of merry-go-round on water

Nyx bottle-feeding a piglet

Stalking the ducklings

On the way to the park

This morning we took Nyx and Nya to the kiddie park near our place.  At La Coccinelle there are lots of animals for the kiddos to interact with, pet and feed.  There are also loads of kiddie rides but there were some that Nyx still couldn’t go on cos she’s still underaged.  We bought the season pass that allows us unlimited entries till the 5 of November so little Nyx and Nya can go visit the animals more often.  

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