To the freaking zoo again…… hahahaha

This time we got to see 2 new additions to the zoo.  These 2 calves were so……. sweet and friendly. While they were being fed the milk, Nyx was standing very near them and placed her hands on the white fence, which had birdie poo!!!! Argh…….. Had to sterilize her brown fingers before we could move on.  
I remember when I was very young I really loved visiting the Singapore Zoo, and I really didn’t mind if we went there every weekend.  Guess this is how Nyx feels…… She missed the piglet so much on days when we didn’t visit the petting zoo.  Sometimes I’d have to bribe her by telling her I’ll take her to go find the “baby pig-pig” if she would only do what I asked her to do.  

Baby Asher is 6 weeks old!

Kieran 3 weeks old

Asher 6 weeks old

So cheerful looking!

Nyx 22 months old and Shannon almost 3 and a half

Shannon sharing her car with Nyx. So sweet lor!

Shannon driving Nyx around the neighbourhood, until the battery went “kaput”

Time just seems to whizz by when you look at how fast babies grow and their features change.  Just take a gander at my godson  baby Asher and also baby Kieran who is now 3 weeks old.
While the adults were hiding in the house seeking relief from the scorching sun, Nyx was busy playing with Shannon jie jie who likes just a couple of doors away from Johnny and Lily.

Nyx’s favourite shoes of the moment……. mine!

Nyx munching on a keropok

Carrying the bear in the kangaroo

Both babies doing the armpit dance

Nya Chilling out at a cafe

My shoes lor!

It doesn’t bother her that she can’t really run in these shoes and she has to drag her feet around the house.  As long as they look good, hahaha.
The video posted here shows the royal mei mei in one of her talkative moods, yakking away with Guojun.  

Off to the petting zoo again

Nyx fanning the royal mei mei

Sitting on the swing

Riding a bike that’s too tall for her

On the trampoline

Her favourite ride at the park

Cheeky face

Riding the “toing toing” chicken

Got no license leh……..

Making sure got no “mah tah” around

Showing her motorbiker face

Stalking the baby goat

Nya wondering when she can run around the park too

Smiley face!

Petting the baby chick

Running into the park just after we went through the entrance, so excited! Go find the pig!

Yep we’re at La Coccinelle again.  This time, sans the crowd.  The previous time we went there it was tres tres crowded cos a number of students were there on an excursion.  We decided to drop by La Coccinelle on the way to Arcachon  here we planned to have lunch after Nya had her injections.  
Oh yes, This morning I took Nya for her monthly checkup and her first jabs.  The pediatrician was quite surprised cos since we saw him a month ago Nya has suddenly grown 7 cm! Wah haha.  At 3 months she is now a little over 6kg and measures 57cm long.  

First trip to the Kiddie park

Nya at the entrance of the park

Nyx on a trampoline

Nyx on a ride which looks like a pig and ladybug hybrid

Taking a  break and munching on Pringles

Nyx on the see saw

Some sort of merry-go-round on water

Nyx bottle-feeding a piglet

Stalking the ducklings

On the way to the park

This morning we took Nyx and Nya to the kiddie park near our place.  At La Coccinelle there are lots of animals for the kiddos to interact with, pet and feed.  There are also loads of kiddie rides but there were some that Nyx still couldn’t go on cos she’s still underaged.  We bought the season pass that allows us unlimited entries till the 5 of November so little Nyx and Nya can go visit the animals more often.