All I wanted to do was buy some things from Carrefour and then head straight home
but that was not to be. I was forced to loiter around these kiddie rides for almost an hour. It was either drag a screaming toddler all the way
 to the car while
pushing a stroller with a sleeping mei mei and carrying a bag of groceries or let the
stubborn toddler grow tired of sitting on the cars and motorbikes.  So I chose
the latter, not wanting to wake the royal mei mei up from her slumber.  


Ok now I know I’m making the right choice by giving Nyx an Etch-a-Sketch instead of markers and pens for now.  But as for the rummaging thru of the fridge and cupboards……. I’m as guilty as the parent who took this picture of the kid digging through the fridge. Haha! Nyx has this ability to seek out my stash of tidbits wherever i hide them.

Papa bao!

Seems like abit of jealousy is starting to surface in Nyx……. oh boy. Whenever she hears me ask Guojun to carry Nya she will run to him as fast as her little legs can go and shout “pa pa bao!!!!!” wanting him to carry her instead of her little sis.  Even when she hears Nya cry she will do the same cos she knows that when the baby cries we have to go tend to her or carry her.  
She still adores and fusses over Nya all the same though, its just that she wants us to give her as much attention as before. Poor baby…….

Here’s a video of Nyx going at her slide on her own for the first time.  

Sharing the small mat

 At the pet store

On the way home from Toys R Us 
 Sleepy babies
 Nyx wearing her favourite hat
A long time ago Nyx used to roll around on this little mat with mobile attachments which we didn’t display today.  Now Nya is using it but the big sis still wants to have fun on it, or she could just be wanting to lie down next to her little sis.  Its really hard to make her stay away from Nya sometimes………

The day before yesterday we took the two little girls to Toys R Us and ended up buying a toy stroller for Nyx cos she wouldn’t part with it. We also visited Animalis which is a huge pet store in Bordeaux cos we were considering getting Nyx a rabbit or a hamster.  (Don’t worry moms 
and pops, we didn’t get another pet lah, hehehe)

Wearing the same outfit

Nyx 1 month old
Nyx 1 month old
Nya taken at 2 months old
 Nya taken at 2 months old

When Nyx was about a month old she was wearing this very same purple outfit.  However this is the 3rd time Nya is wearing it but Nyx outgrew it after wearing it only once.  I will not be letting Nya wear it anymore cos already its a little too snug.  It did serve a longer useful life this time round though, haha, since Nya is still able to wear it at 2 months old.  
They look so alike!