Busy weekend

Yesterday and the day, our time was largely spent in the car as we made our way to Lourdes, Saint Emillion and Bordeaux Centre Ville for some sight seeing and shopping before my mother in law goes back to Singapore this weekend.  These two videos were taken in the car when we were driving for over 3 hours to get to Lourdes.

Usually Nyx is even more talkative than shown in these 2 videos. Here you see her slightly “sedated” cos she’s really super duper sleepy but just refuses to give in to Morphius, Sandman, whatever you call him……… She utterly hates him. haha!

Nya is almost 1 month old

In 4 days time Nya will turn one month old.  We had intended to celebrate this occassion this coming weekend instead of yesterday but apparently its taboo to celebrate after the actual date so at the last minute (actually 2 days prior) we had to inform Guojun’s collegues from the Airforce that we were holding a small party on Sunday.  

Nya sucking on a tutu!

Yes we’ve started giving Nya the tutu and she absolutely loves it. It helps put her to sleep very fast.  Thank goodness Nyx doesn’t snatch it from her.  We took Nyx off the tutu habit on the 29th of March, cold turkey method.  I was worried she would snack the pacififier from Nya once we started giving it to her, lucky thing she’s not a meanie…….. haha.