And Baby makes Four!

Waiting for doctors to finish sewing me up

Back from the operating theatre

Yesssssss!!!!! Baby Nya has arrived! She was born via C section on 22nd April Tuesday in the afternoon at Jean Hameau hospital in Arcachon.  Although my water bag started leaking on Monday at about midnight and we reached the hospital at 12 30am, I didn’t experience any cramping at all and there was no dilation so the next morning the doctor decided I needed a cesarean quickly to get Nya out.  

Once again, there was no time for general anesthesia so I was given an epidural just before the operation.  The nurses around me constantly kept me updated about the process of the operation, telling me they were about to cut me, they were now removing my old scar, they were about to catch Nya out, blah blah blah.  And throughout the operation I failed to notice that one of the 
nurses was snapping pictures of the procedure with a camera that Guojun conveniently handed over cos he couldn’t catch the “action” in the operating theatre.  Ermm, abit graphic so I’m not gonna post those pictures here. Instead, here are some of the more decent pictures we took during my 7 days stay at the hospital.

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