Shannon’s Birthday

Yesterday evening we celebrated Shannon’s 3rd birthday which also happens to be Easter.  The theme was “Dora the Explorer” and the whole place was so beautifully decorated!  Food was awesome too! =)  
There was even a pinata for the kids to open up and confetti was strewn everywhere much to their delight.  Jasmine and Jason really made Shannon’s party a great one 😉

Sarah’s birthday party

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Sarah’s 3rd birthday and Nyx had so much fun hanging out with the other kids that she refused to nap till we got into the car at 5pm and started driving home.  You can imagine how tired and cranky she was later that night. Guojun and I went bonkers! Hahaha.  Soon we will have two such monsters to deal with, kekeke………. I can’t believe I’m finally
gonna “pop” next month!

New tricycle

Yep, finally Nyx her own tricycle from Toys R Us on Saturday.  She’s also started having this thing for hats ever since grandpa Sim sent her a cute pink hat.  Now she goes around the house looking for guojun’s hats and her old hats to put on her head.