Last Sunday we left Nyx with her godma Lily and godpa Johnny for half a day while Guojun and I spent time gardening at home.  Boy did she have loads of fun with Shannon and Brayden!  So now Guojun and I have to go buy her a toy car or tricycle…… kekeke.  According to Johnny, Nyx was running after the kids shouting “stop! Stop!!!……” while they were on their vehicles.  He was afraid she was gonna fall down from running so fast.  Anyhoo…. here are some of the pictures Lily took last Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Joyrides”

  1. Ya Lily sent me the videos of the kids playing that day. So adorable! So sweet of Shannon and Brayden to lend her their bike and car for awhile =)
    Her coughing isn’t as frequent now but still alot of phlegm and almost everyday she coughs till she vomits, haiz…….

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