Last Sunday we left Nyx with her godma Lily and godpa Johnny for half a day while Guojun and I spent time gardening at home.  Boy did she have loads of fun with Shannon and Brayden!  So now Guojun and I have to go buy her a toy car or tricycle…… kekeke.  According to Johnny, Nyx was running after the kids shouting “stop! Stop!!!……” while they were on their vehicles.  He was afraid she was gonna fall down from running so fast.  Anyhoo…. here are some of the pictures Lily took last Sunday.

Just chilling at home for now

Nyx strangling her giant teddy bear

Baked scallops with garlic and wine sauce

Grade #1 oysters

The front of the shop where we bought the oysters

Baked lobsters

Joseph the “Oyster man”

The oyster farm just behind our house

After being on the road and travelling and shopping for awhile, its nice to just stay home and relax. So upon arriving home we stopped by the oyster farm just a stone’s throw away from our house 
and whipped up a scrumptous home cooked meal of oysters, escargo, baked clams, steamed lobsters, sambal veg and a few other dishes.  Yup, Nyx had some too!

Back from our holiday

One of the oyster farmers’ wares

Our first home cooked meal since coming home from our holiday

At St Emillion

On the Parisian cruise

Giant Baby!

Inside the Notre Dam in Paris

At the Eiffel Tower

The Arc de Triomph

Outside the Notre Dam

One of the interesting sights in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg

In Montblanc

The Ice Caves in Montblac

Lunch in Strasbourg

Taken in Montblanc

Pork Knuckles for dinner

Giant Beer!

Lunch in Offenberg, Germany

We literally walked to Germany!

Porcupine man

We drove through the blackforest to get here hor!

Wow, I think this must have been the longest time I’ve gone not updating my blog.  We set off early in the morning on the 8th of February to meet up with Guojun’s best friend Joseph (Chubin) who was touring Europe with his wife during their honeymoon.  They joined a tour group which brought them around Italy but met up with us in Avignon where we holidayed till now.  

It really wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be at the places we visited, in fact after coming back to Bordeaux I find that its colder here! Well, save for Montblanc of course.  We walked a whole lot during this trip and visited Paris yet again but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the eating! Although it would’ve been easier not being close to 8 months pregnant at this point.

Here are some of the pictures we took at the places we visited.  

Furry backyard surprise

The funniest thing happened this morning when i was chatting with my sis online.  Nyx was going through her stack of flashcards and one of them had a picture of a cat.  Out of the blue she took that particular flashcard and took it to me saying cat….cat…….cat, and she was pointing to the back porch.  Apparently one of the neighbours’ huge cat sneaked in and was sun bathing in our backyard.  Cute friendly little guy too……..

Pictures of Nya

Check out her facial features!!!! Went for my ultrasound at the gynea’s
this morning and he took so many pictures and measurements.
I almost fell asleep during the scan, hahaha.  During the ultrasound 
I saw Nya opening and closing her mouth, apparently she was drinking 
the amniotic fluid surrounding her.  The other picture shows her 
extending her legs and sticking her feet towards her nose, so cute!
Everything is fine except for
my gynea’s concern over my low blood pressure.