Nyx gets her fringe trimmed

Yup, this is so gonna make so many people happy, hahahaha. I finally cut her fringe………… But thats only cos she destroyed the last of my stash of girlie hairclips i bought for her. So to save me the money and trouble and nagging from many close friends and relatives (kidding =) ) I decided to just snip it off. It was quite an easy job too, all i had to do was keep telling her how pretty she looked, so she kept very still and was smiling the whole time when i was trimming off her locks.

To the zoo twice in one week

As a child I could never get enough of the zoo and I sure hope Nyx feels the same way too. On her first visit last saturday we went together with the nanny clan (Shirley, Michelle, Cheryl and Cindy) then just yesterday Nyx and I made a trip there again with Grandpa Sim. The second time we went there we managed to cover the entire zoo in 5 hours with no rain unlike last saturday to slow halt our tour. Both times we were there, Nyx and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you everyone!

Loitering around Parkway Parade

I am so thankful for the fact that Parkway Parade is just walking distance away from my parents’ house. Needless to say Nyx and I loiter around here almost everyday since its not convenient for me with my baby bump to be travelling around so much with Nyx and gallavanting around the island.
So here are some pictures taken with friends while loitering around parkway……..

Back in Singapore

Ok yes yes, I’ve been extremely tardy when it comes to updating my blog……. Its been almost 2 weeks since Nyx, Nya and I arrived in Singapore and after all that jetlag, stomach virus and cruising on the Superstar Virgo I am finally back to blogging again. So here are the pictures to show what we’ve been up to, which isn’t much cos most of the time Nyx and I were busy recuperating. Oh and my estimated due date for delivering little Nya has been brought forward again so we shall be expecting her sooner than expected, woohoo!