This morning Guojun woke up to the sound of me and Nyx crying loudly. I was in so much pain and she was scared I guess…..

You see, every morning when Nyx wakes up she will crawl from her mattress over to mine to give me and Guojun a good morning kiss.  However this morning while climbing over her daddy’s tummy to get to me she slipped and fell and her hard head whacked against my abdomen.  It jolted me up from sleep and I was in pain for quite for quite awhile so I was crying.  And when Nyx heard me cry she also started crying and that woke poor Guojun up wondering what on earth happened……

The pain is gone now and little Nya is still moving and kicking and pushing inside me as usual.  So now I think we might consider putting her in a seperate room when we sleep.

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