Collecting stones

We had yet another day of sunny weather this afternoon so I took Nyx out for a short stroll again. Usually we get stuck in the front yard for awhile before we can actually head out cos she now has this habit of plucking grass and picking up small stones.  

The couple who rented out this house before us had dogs and when we first moved here I was busy cleaning up dog poop from the front and back yard.  I really hope I got everything cos I’m a little paranoid Nyx will suddenly find one of them.  

“Sleeping Partner”

Here’s one of the 2 teddy bears a.k.a. sleeping partners which accompany Nyx in bed at night.  In these pictures she just woke up and walked out of the bedroom by herself still carrying this bear.

 It was also her source of comfort while i was busy “demolishing” her playhouse this morning, hehe.  Yeah, she was very sad and angry with me for taking apart her house and putting the parts into the box.  She kept shouting at me and throwing her toys at me, so angry lor!

Oh well that’s just too bad……. I’ve gotta help Guojun with as much packing as i can cos we’re gonna be shifting to our new house soon.  

Just another day out in Bordeaux

It was soooooo………………… cold today. OMG, please please let 18th of December arrive soon.  That’s the day little Nyxie, baby number 2 and I touch down at Changi airport and get to escape from the freezing cold weather here for a month.  Kopitiams, hawker centers, buffet restaurants  and zhi char stalls here I come!!!!!! kekekeke……….

Here are just a couple of pictures we took yesterday when we drove to bordeaux centre ville.  Looks like they’re gonna have a carvival soon, err….. or maybe they’re actually tearing it down, not sure, hahaha! But I saw the huge cranes doing “something” to the roller coaster track when we passed by the carnival area.  

My Yoga practice “assistant”

Everyday when I practice in the morning I’m never without the “help” of my little assistant especially now that I’m 4 months pregnant and sometimes need a bit more encouragement, haha.  Nyx even gives me that extra challenge sometimes when I’m holding a balancing pose and she’s there pushing me and trying her best to make me topple over.  Soon I shall have 2 little “assistants”!!!! Wah hahaha…….