3 and a half months

I went for my checkup at the gynea’s yesterday evening and here are just a few of the pictures i took of the scan.  Baby number 2 was so active and bouncing all the while as my gynea did the scan so most of the pictures came out fuzzy, haha.  Guojun thought the baby was having very violent hiccups when he saw the screen.  

All bundled up

Its been getting so cold nowadays which is why we’ve started bundling up little Nyx so she stays warm and cosy.  I however, am a chicken when it comes to cold weather so you won’t be seeing me in pictures or videos till the weather turns warmer cos all you’ll see is probably my eyes and the rest of me wrapped like a poh piah under my polar fleece blanket.

Cave people for 5 days……

How dependent we are on being connected to the internet and expecting the phoneline to be working when you pick up the receiver.  For 5 days since last Thursday we had our phoneline and internet connection cut off for no apparent reason.  And this is the 2nd time its happened in two months! Friggin…#$%*%^%# telecoms company here. Blimey!
We got the interpreters to call up the telecoms company everyday since last week and they finally sent a representative over to our place yesterday to fix the problem, so now I can bitch about being a cave woman twice in 2 months.  Not fun at all man…… Its like I was on another planet hor!
Ok, enough with the whining…. here are some pics and vids of Nyxie.

House hunting

Over the weekend we went around viewing several bigger houses for rent.  Well, since we have to stay here till 2009 and I’d like more room for Nyx and baby number 2 to roam around, we decided to move to a new house with an additional bedroom as well.  I’d like to share these 3 pictures of one house we like the most out of those we’ve viewed so far.  But but but…… I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to a giant thumb hovering outside the house though……. (actually that’s my dear husband’s thumb covering the lens of my nokia phone, super right??????) Hahahaha.

Nyxie the Poser on Women’s Weekly Magazine

Ok…… I’ve been real tardy at putting up this picture to share with everyone. But but, I have a very good excuse ok…… I don’t have the magazine here, but thanks to dear ol’ godma Shirley who sent me a soft copy via msn, here’s the spread in the September issue of Womens’ Weekly with our baby munchkin Nyx donning all the branded clothes and holding that Hermes baby rattle that we can’t afford. Haha!