Spider Girl

Nyx the Spider Girl woke up early tis morning even though its a public holiday celebrating National Day and decided to scoot her way to the coffee table upon waking up so that she could help herself to some breakfast (biscuits from the yellow container).  I didn’t let her get it but once I came out from the loo the biscuits were out of the container and all over the floor.  Haiz, so there I was picking off the cereal biscuits from the floor one by one like a chicken (of course i didn’t eat it).  Anyways these pics were taken before my baby monster successfully got to her loot.

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Dawn Sim

Mom of four girls and entrepreneur who enjoys elevating the lives of others through fitness, fun, and empowerment. Follow me on my journey as a mom trying to do what’s best for kids and keeping myself sane, fit and happy.

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