Carnival day

Walking through the woods

At the African fair

Walking through the woods

Items for sale at the fair

Items on sale at the fair

Family pic at the African Fair

It was a fun filled day for the family as we visited an African fun fair during the day and a carnival near our home after we had dinner.  We didn’t stay long enough for the fireworks display which happens around midnight but we did manage to catch a puppy soft toy for Nyx at one of the UFO grabbing machines.  

Spider Girl

Nyx the Spider Girl woke up early tis morning even though its a public holiday celebrating National Day and decided to scoot her way to the coffee table upon waking up so that she could help herself to some breakfast (biscuits from the yellow container).  I didn’t let her get it but once I came out from the loo the biscuits were out of the container and all over the floor.  Haiz, so there I was picking off the cereal biscuits from the floor one by one like a chicken (of course i didn’t eat it).  Anyways these pics were taken before my baby monster successfully got to her loot.

Baby Nyx sick sick……..

The day before yesterday (Sat) Guojun and I rushed Nyx to the hospital where she was born at 9pm as she was running a high fever at 39.3 degrees.  Just by looking at her you couldn’t tell she was sick as she was her usual hyperactive, talkative self.  But oh boy! Her body was really hot, even her palms and soles of her feet.  Poor baby had to wait at the emergency ward in the hospital though,……. for three and a half freakin’ hours! Sheesh!  You see…….. this is France, and clinics do not open on weekends.  If you have a fever or a deep cut, sprained your ankle or had a heart attack, you’d have to go take a queue number at the emergency ward at the hospital. Yup, that’s the way things are around here.  

So anyway, while waiting for our turn to see the doctor, Nyx was busy waving “Hi” to everyone she saw at the lobby.  Very awkward for me and Guojun cos we don’t speak much French, and people were trying to be friendly and talking quite fast, hahaha.  There was also this little boy around 2 to 3 yrs of age with a serious cut on his head and blood all over his t-shirt.  He was just busy running around and making his poor dad and sis chase after him.  

Finally when we got to meet the doctor, the first thing Nyx did was start screaming and crying hysterically, something she does every month when she goes for her regular checkup.  You see, the doctor had around his neck a stethoscope and he was wearing a white uniform.  So Nyx thought she was gonna get another injection on her tiny backside.  Even the nurses were screamed and shouted at by our monster.  Oh my poor eardrums………. She refused to sit down and just clung to Guojun with all her might, afraid that once she sits on the observation table her backside is gonna get “stung”.

The doctor checked her ears and throat and told us her throat was slightly reddish, so it may be the cause of her fever (a sore throat), but just to make sure, they had to collect her pee to run a test, checking for the possibility of an infection).  So they attached a pee bag to our little monster and asked us to wait for her to peepee, then call the nurse to do the test.  Guojun and I were already so tired by then.  Finally I couldn’t stand it, I asked Guojun to take Nyx to the toilet and turn on the water tap.  It worked! Haha…. You see, everytime I give her a bath, she pees when she sees the water running.  So finally the test was done, there was no infection so the doc told us it might just be a virus.  He gave her a dose of Advil and wrote a prescription for us so that we can buy her meds on Monday when the clinics open.  Aiyoh, poor Baby.  Lucky for us, I already had on hand the meds which the doctor prescribed.  Some months back when I took her for her regular checkup I insisted the doctor write me a prescription for meds just in case Nyx developed a fever while she’s teething, and I never needed them, till now. Phew!  So great, don’t need to wait till Monday.  

Although the baby Nyx is alright now, we’re still monitoring her temperature and making her drink loads of water.  So all the grandmas and grandpas and aunties and Godmas and grand uncles and aunties and the clan of nannies………. donch worry ok?  Hehehe =)  Nyx and I can’t wait to see all of you soon!