“Frankenstein Hairdo” Baby

Yes, Nyx is still stuck with her awful, monstrous, frankenstein, ku ku- looking hairdo which her meano daddy gave her. Haiz………. I’ve had so many people having to ask me whether my child is a girl or a boy several times, even though i dress her up in pink sometimes.  It is so sad.  Ah Heng please recommend me your hairstylist who did your extensions for you, please………….

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Dawn Sim

Mom of four girls and entrepreneur who enjoys elevating the lives of others through fitness, fun, and empowerment. Follow me on my journey as a mom trying to do what’s best for kids and keeping myself sane, fit and happy.

2 thoughts on ““Frankenstein Hairdo” Baby”

  1. Oh noo….whose baby did u abduct. kookoo looking plus only 3 teeth waahahaa. Poor Nyx. She’s going to be tormented by these pics when she grows up….it’s going to be in her wedding film thingamajig like yrs wahahaha

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