Meet Elvis Oon

All I’m gonna say is,  “Don’t Ask Me Why” this “Girl Of Mine”  doing her  “Guitar Boogie” and  riding
 her  “Pink Cadillac”  has that “Release Me” look on her face.  Her daddy
 once again got into “Too Much Monkey Business” while bathing  “My Babe” and so this “Rock a Hoola Baby” ended up looking like THE KING.
 “A Little Less Conversation” now……. here are the pics.

Little Pink Riding Hood

I think i am quite an evil mother……… buah hahahahaha. I was so embarrassed to bring Nyx to “kai kai” (sightseeing/walking/outing) around Spain today.  So just before we headed into the car to drive to San Sebastian for the day, I wrapped her awful hairdo under my pink bandana. Heeeeee………..  Actually doesn’t look too bad if I say so myself.  She did try to remove it a couple of times at first, but eventually I gave her an animal biscuit and she completely forgot about that thing on her head.  Sorry guys, we forgot to bring the camera to Spain so no pictures…. haha!

“Frankenstein Hairdo” Baby

Yes, Nyx is still stuck with her awful, monstrous, frankenstein, ku ku- looking hairdo which her meano daddy gave her. Haiz………. I’ve had so many people having to ask me whether my child is a girl or a boy several times, even though i dress her up in pink sometimes.  It is so sad.  Ah Heng please recommend me your hairstylist who did your extensions for you, please………….

Trip to Cognac to visit Hennessy, Otard, Martell and Remy Martin

Today we made a day trip to Cognac where we visited Hennessy, Otard, Martell and Remy Martin.  The tour was pretty enjoyable and we even had a short boat ride.  Here in the pictures you can see Nyx in her new haircut which I so disapprove off (thanks to her daddy who cut her hair on the sly).  Along the way to Cognac we were greeted by gorgeous sunflowers in bloom, it really was a magnificent sight to behold…………. acres and acres of huge sunflowers!