Missing our family and friends in Singapore

Met up with Jen and Brandon at Siglap

Nyx and boyfriend number 1 “Fei Ge”

Nyx with Grandma and uncle at Changi Airport

Nyx and boyfriend number 2 “James”

Its only been a few days since Nyx and I left Singapore to come back to France, and already we’re homesick.  Nyx has gotten so used to being carried that my arms are going to break andmy  ear drums are threatening to burst if she doesn’t get used to being carried less often.  
The day we arrived at the airport in Bordeaux, we were picked up by our wonderful friends here Leelee and Johnny.  I was super duper tired from the lack of sleep as I had Nyx playing, jumping, bopping, bouncing, eating, pooping,…….. etc on my lap throughout the flight from Singapore to Paris, during our 4 hours transit in Paris and our one hour flight from Paris to Bordeaux.  Nevertheless, it was all worth it.  I just can’t wait for our next trip back to Singapore.  For now, we’re just waiting for Guojun to arrive in Bordeaux next Wednesday.  

Video of Nyx playing in the car after shopping at Vivocity

Back in France again

Nyx and I just landed in Bordeaux 3 hours ago and boy are we sleep deprived!  I’m missing my family and friends and dogs and all the food in Singapore so much already…….  Can somebody back home please strike Toto or Big sweep and sponsor me and Nyx a ticket back like next month?
hahaha…………… ok. Here are the photos we took during our stay in Singapore which i’m only putting up now cos I’ve been to drunk on food to update my blog the past few weeks.

Video of Nyx giving a farewell speech at Koko’s house

Victims of the buffet queen

Ever since I got back from France I’ve been going out for buffets almost everyday, sometimes even twice a day…….. much to the despair of those around me.  Already my poor sister has put on at least 2 kilos, check out her cries for help on her blog www.steffajo.blogspot.com  
The thought of going back to France next weekend makes me a little sad cos all my favourite goodies and makan kakis won’t be there…….. WAIL!!!!!!!!
On the plus side, my family and friends will have some time to detox while I’m away. Hahahahahaha!

Water Baby again!!!

Breakfast on the cruise

Hiding under the bed 1

Hiding under the bed 2

Little Nyx absolutely enjoyed our day out at Changi Beach Club again the day before.  She’s gotten more adept at paddling and kicking her way around the kiddy pool.  Just check it out on the video.  I’ve also put up pictures of her having fun fooling around in the cabin when we went on a cruise last weekend.  This is the first time she’s gone a cruise outside my tummy.  She went along with me and my marmee on 2 cruises while I was about 7 months pregnant.  

Stuck at home

Nyx started running a fever on Sunday which is the day we were supposed to go visit her great grandma again after we got bk from France the week before.  We decided to stay home and let her rest instead, but her grandparents missed her so much they came all the way from Woodlands to Marine Drive just to spend some time with the little girl, so sweet.  Lucky critter……..

Water Baby

Last Thursday we took little Nyxie to Changi Beach Club for a swim and boy did she love it, splish splashing around in her float.  The day before yesterday she just turned 9 months old and is getting better and better at crawling and standing.